Solutions for Industry 4.0 Energy Management

Time to face the challenges of the Energy 4.0 era

The Energy Sector is going through an unprecedented change, driven by sustainability goals, and materialised by developing technology. The emergence of Industry 4.0 has been extended to Energy 4.0, expressing the technological transformation and the business model transformation that takes part across the whole energy sector.

As the world is moving away from fossil fuels and turning to more green energy sources the industries have to quickly adapt to new business models that effectively answer to the radical changes in energy production and consumption needs.



i4 Energy is one of the few companies that offers pioneering software and hardware solutions designed and developed to address the highly specialized and technologically demanding requirements of Power Producing & Consuming entities. Being a subsidiary of MAS S.A, a company with 45+ years of experience in the Power & Energy sectors, i4 Energy has the required know-how and expertise to offer holistic, vertical solutions for effective adaptation to the new market requirements.


i4 Generation Management

VPPs for portfolio management of multiple source and technologies across a diverse geographical distribution.

i4 Energy & Market Management

End-to-end energy management using advanced tools for cost calculation combined with latest technology forecast algorithm to assist operations within the competitive environment of the target model.

i4 Prosumer Management

A coherent unified environment to manage the consumer side, starting with buildings and extending up to ΕV chargers’ fleet. An incorporated algorithm-based system couples Demand Response functionality and V2G capabilities.
Digital energy ecosystem
Digital energy ecosystem mobile
Across flow

ACROSS Digital Energy Ecosystem

Designed by MAS S.A, ACROSS is a unified Digital Ecosystem across the whole energy value chain, embracing production, transport & distribution though to consumption or storage node.

ACROSS is a product of years of R&D in technology and it incorporates decades of operational experience.

The name ACROSS alone signifies the move ACROSS technologies, ACROSS industries and ACROSS to a new era for operations in the energy sector.

PPS logo

The Power Production Suite (PPS)
provides all needed logic and tools to monitor and manage power producing facility of any type and technology as well as storages nodes. Pre-defined pages, objects, dashboards and reports combined with functional intelligence offer a single platform to manage both the operational and business aspects of a diverse energy portfolio.

EMS logo

The Energy Management Suite (EMS)
adds functionality for both Network Operators and producers. It offers powerful algorithms that help producers to manage forecasts, plan production and offer Energy to the electrical grid and Network Operators. EMS links energy management to automation, allowing different energy data to be grouped, buffered, and visualized.

DSO logo

The Distribution Service Operator (DSO)
includes Demand Management algorithms, resolving the power equilibrium of designated geographical areas, networks, and selected installations in real time. Furthermore, DSO manages the negative Power Balance by controlling the demand side via commands to Prosumers (Producers & Consumers) and other controllable network loads.

MMS logo

The Market Management Suite (MMS)
provides the functionality for a free market with diverse sources and complex rules. MMS constitutes an ideal set of tools for energy producers to optimize price offerings per installation.

EVM logo

The EV Charging Management suite
offers an agnostic charger manufacturer technology for network and power operators, to manage the fast-growing demand for Electric Vehicle (EV) charging. An additional functionality of this suite is the Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) Management Module for bidirectional Electric Vehicle power flow.